Rental Conditions

Fonner Park Exposition & Events Center Consent:

Fonner Park Exposition & Events Center, as the owner of the Heartland Events Center, retains final and exclusive authority to approve and to reject events proposed to be booked by the Heartland Events Center. Fonner Park also reserves the complete discretion to determine if events are appropriate and consistent with the County’s and City’s image, the facility’s mission and to determine the financial terms of any event rental contract The venue also retains the right to approve or reject the admission policy for events (including general admission, festival seating and reserved seating).

Heartland Events Center’s Mandate:

It is the Heartland Events Center’s obligation, taking into consideration a diverse schedule of events, to meet the needs of the residents of Grand Island, to fulfill the Heartland Events Center’s mission, and to maximize event bookings consistent with the following priorities:

  1. Prime Tenant and Practice Requirements
  2. Revenue Producing Events
    • Direct economic return to the Heartland Events Center through long-term, multi-year special events, family shows, trade shows, consumer shows
    • Revenue producing one-night or multi-night events, concerts, etc.
  3. All other Rental Events
Rental Rates

Precise facility rental rates are available upon request. All rental rates refer to the rental of the building and do not include the cost of labor, equipment, or other costs related to the event not explicitly stated otherwise.  Current rental rates and details may be obtained by contacting the Sales & Marketing Director of the Heartland Events Center at 308.382.4515 extension 221.

Booking Procedures

All prospective tenants must contact the Director of Sales & Marketing to determine the availability of dates and rental rates.  A date is not considered firm until a signed contract is in place. The Management of the Events Center may deny the use of any or all of the facility to any individual, group, organization or event that in his or her professional judgment would result in an unfair degree of competition or if it is not in the best interest of the Heartland Events Center or Fonner Park. If another tenant should request the dates in question or a portion thereof, the tenant will be required to execute a contractual agreement with 24 hours of notification or within a time as specified by the Management. If the contract is not received, the Management will release the dates with notice.


Deposit Requirements and Procedures

A deposit may be required in order to secure a date and location at the Heartland Events Center.  For new tenants, a non-refundable 50% deposit is due upon signing of the contract and the balance is due 30 days prior to the start of the event. For repeat tenants with a favorable payment history, the Heartland Events Center retains the right to waive the deposit clause.  Management further reserves the right to require a deposit to cover all estimated expenses, including but not limited to rent, ticketing fees, set-up, staffing, linens rental, damages, advertising, electrical services and miscellaneous equipment.

Wedding receptions require the 50% non-refundable deposit with the balance of the rent due and payable one full week prior to the wedding reception.  Additionally, all known expenses must be paid in advance, including any alcohol expenses that are hosted by the wedding tenant.  Any residual fees are due and payable upon receipt of the invoice.  Further, a credit card must be retained on file with the Heartland Events Center/Fonner Park until all payments have been received for the wedding reception.

Catering deposits and payments must adhere to the requirements set forth by the facilities' contracted caterer(s).

The Heartland Events Center management reserves the right to require an additional sum in advance as a damage deposit which is refundable after the event, when a walk-through examination of the facility is completed and no damage is detected.  The tenant will be charged either at the time of settlement or within 30 days for any damages related to the event which must be immediately paid without recourse.  It is solely the responsibility of the tenant to recover such charges from the tenant’s insurance carrier.  Submission of an advance damage deposit in no way relieves the tenant of the obligation to provide a Certificate of Insurance for coverage as outlined in the Liability Insurance section of the rental agreement, nor does it limit the right of the Heartland Events Center to charge the tenant for the full amount of damages incurred even if the amount exceeds the advance damage deposit.

The Heartland Events Center accepts credit card payments (Visa and MasterCard).  A 3.5% convenience fee applies to all credit card payments.

Settlement and Payment Policy

All charges due to the Heartland Events Center are payable on demand. Any balances over thirty days will be charged a two percent monthly finance charge until payment is received. Credit Card payments (Visa and MasterCard) are acceptable forms of payment. A 3.5% convenience fee applies to credit card payments.

The Heartland Events Center will pay net proceeds due from ticket receipts less rent and other charges in a timely manner after the conclusion of the event.  The Heartland Events Center will produce a Box Office statement and settlement of all monies following the event.  Settlement will occur in the week following the final performance or as soon as all outstanding invoices for services or associated costs that affect the settlement for the said event have been received.

Liability Insurance

The lessee shall obtain, at its own cost and expense, commercial general liability insurance in the name of Licensee which shall insure all operations of Licensee. Such insurance shall be written with a limit of at least One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage liability, personal injury liability and coverage for all acts and/or omissions of any employees, agents, players, performers, contractors or sub-contractors retained by Licensee. Lessor reserves the right to require an increased amount of insurance based on the nature of the event.  Such insurance shall be endorsed to be primary to and not contributory with any coverage of Licensor, Heartland Events Center, which may be applicable to the claim.

The lessee shall also maintain, at its own cost and expense, Workman’s Compensation Insurance for any and all employees, as well as any players, performers and other employees whose services are contemplated by the event.

Certificates evidencing insurance required shall be provided to Licensor not less than ten (10) days prior to the event. The policies shall also provide, and the certificate shall so note, that the coverage may not be canceled or that a major change in coverage may not be implemented without at least (30) days’ prior written notice given to Licensor.

Contract language shall read as follows:


  • An executed “Certificate of Insurance” for a current One Million Dollar commercial General Liability Insurance policy issued to Lessee is required to be furnished to Lessor prior to the event date by Lessee’s general liability insurance carrier verifying current liability coverage issued to Lessee for One Million Dollars for “Comprehensive,” “Premises-Operations,” and “Contractual,” and naming FONNER PARK EXPOSITION AND EVENTS CENTER, INC. d/b/a Heartland Events Center, and THE CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, NE  as additional insured under said policy for the event period (), and to include set-up and take-down dates and times ()
  • By the acceptance of this Contract, the Lessee/Participants in the above stated Activity/Event agree to abide by the foregoing facility policies and restrictions and/or any other posted or provided placards and notices in or for Fonner Park Exposition and Events Center, Inc. d/b/a Heartland Events Center, and The City of Grand Island, NE. Lessee further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless and make no claim against Heartland Events Center and The City of Grand Island, Nebraska,  their officers, agents, and employees, or anyone acting by or through one or all of them against any and all claims, damages, liabilities, losses, costs or expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees as a result of or arising out of, directly or indirectly, any action or conduct by the participants, agents, employees, and/or involved persons, concerning any loss, damage, and/or injury to any property or person resulting from any cause including the negligence of any third person(s) connected with the activities of The Heartland Events Center and/or The City of Grand Island.
Labor, Service and Equipment

Note: These fees, services and service requirements may vary from event to event and are applicable on a case by case basis.

Charges and Fees:
Catering/Hospitality Services
Credit Card Fees
Facility Use Fee
Incidental Fees (furniture/linens, towels, stage props, etc.)
License Fees (BMI/ASCAP, etc.)
Long Distance Service
Sales Tax
Sound & Lights
Stage (rented)
Ticket Printing
Telephone Lines (in-house)

If the following services are required for an event, the cost of labor will be charged:

Box Office Labor
Dedicated Ambulance Service
EMT Medical
Forklift Driver
House Sound / Lights Operator
Janitorial Costs
Runner Fees
Scoreboard Operator
Technical Support
Ticket Seller & Takers
Video Engineer
Video Production

If used, other Fees may apply:

AV Screens
Stage (facility owned)
Sound System
Video Scoreboard
Video Cameras

Marketing Information

The Heartland Events Center is available to assist event promoters with their marketing needs. Specifically, the Marketing Department can recommend print, broadcast and social media advertising outlets; can aid in writing and releasing publicity to local and regional news outlets through press releases, media advertisements and e-mail blasts; and distribution of information regarding upcoming events to the appropriate mediums.

The Heartland Events Center Sales & Marketing Director is Dianne Willey. Contact Dianne at (308) 382-4515 for more information.

Local Media:  A current list is available to rental tenants upon request.

Ticketing and Accommodations

Ticket Office Manager: 

Deb Sweley

308-382-4515 ext. 216



Box Office Contact Information and Hours of Operation:

Heartland Events Center Box Office

700 E. Stolley Park Rd.

Grand Island, NE  68801


Week Day Hours:

  • Monday-Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm

Weekend Event Hours:

  • Ticket Office opens several hours before the doors open on the day of the event.  Hours dependent on show time.  Please call for exact times.



The box office at the Heartland Events Center is fully computerized through ETIX.   The ticketing system provides reports, including ticket audits and settlement reports. The box office is fully equipped to staff and sell event tickets at the Events Center, in addition to allowing patrons to purchase tickets online at www.etix.com, over the telephone (800-745-3000), and at ticket outlets nationwide.  All tickets for admission to any event scheduled at the Heartland Events Center must be sold or distributed through the Heartland Events Center Box Office unless otherwise approved by the office management.


Payment Accepted at the Box Office:

MasterCard, Visa, and debit cards are acceptable forms of payment. A valid ID must be presented with all credit card sales. Personal and business checks will be accepted. Cash is also an accepted form of payment for tickets.  Once tickets are purchased, all sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.


Will Call:

Tickets already paid for but not received are available at the Heartland Events Center Will Call which is located at the main box office.  Will Call is available when the ticket office opens for that day of the event.  Only the patron whose name is on the tickets may pick up the tickets with a valid ID and the debit/credit card that was used to purchase the tickets for identity verification.


Lost/Stolen Tickets and Tickets Not Received in the Mail:

ETIX is the ONLY authorized ticketing agent for the Heartland Events Center. Customers purchasing tickets from other ticket sources risk purchasing counterfeit or invalid tickets. The Heartland Events Center will NOT honor tickets that are not ETIX tickets and will refuse entry for duplicate, stolen or inauthentic tickets. 

The Heartland Events Center and ETIX are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.  If the tickets that were ordered through ETIX do not arrive through the mail, contact ETIX directly.  ETIX will notify the Heartland Events Center.



The Heartland Events Center has 30 acres of hard surface, lighted, free parking that can accommodate 3,200 vehicles.

Production Information

Contact the Heartland Events Center Office at 308-382-4515 and ask for technical assistance for questions concerning any of the following:

  • Event Power
  • Lighting
  • Spotlights
  • Sound System
  • Scoreboard


Dressing Rooms:

There are a total of four dressing rooms and a green room available for show use. Dressing rooms are flexible and vary in size. All rooms are located on the north side of the building and have shower and restroom facilities.  In the same area, there are meetings rooms, office areas, and additional space suitable for catering and a production office.


Concession Stands:

The Heartland Events Center is equipped with five concession stands.  Four concession stands are located on the concourse level, two on the north side and two on the south side.  A Pizza Hut concession stand is on the first level at the east end of the arena.


First Aid:

The First Aid Center is located on the concourse level at the east end of the arena.



Limited pyrotechnics are allowed in the Heartland Events Center.



The load-in for all events occurs on the west side of the Heartland Event Center.  The dock door is 14’ x 8’ and the overhead doors are 14’ x 12’ and 14 ’x 8’ with direct access to the arena floor. All docks are ground level.  One permanent hydraulic lift is available for load and unload.


Portable Stage:

The stage is flexible in locations, dimensions, and configurations depending on the tenant’s preference.  The facility owned stage is available in 4' x 8' sections.  The largest the stage can be configured is 24’ x 24’.   The house stage is 2’ tall.  All other staging must be rented from an outside contractor.


Emergency Equipment:

Fire sprinklers, smoke sensors, and fire extinguishers are located throughout the Events Center and office areas.



All catering is provided in-house.   To view the complete catering menu, see the Guest Information/Catering tab on this website.   For additional questions and information, contact the Heartland Events Center Sales & Marketing Director.



Telephones can be installed in any of the dressing/locker rooms or other arena locations. There is a $150.00 charge for each line installed.



Restrooms on the concourse level are conveniently located in all four corners.  There are also two family restrooms on the concourse level.  There is another set of restrooms located on the ground floor and one additional family restroom.  The Main floor restrooms are accessible for events held in the Bosselman Conference Center and the Eihusen Arena.


Features for Guests with Disabilities:

All entrances to the lobby of the Heartland Events Center and Bosselman Conference Center are wheelchair accessible.  Designated handicap parking is conveniently located near the arena and conference center entrances. One public elevator is available inside the building on the east end of the arena to provide access to the concourse level. Handicap seating is available at various locations around the Events Center’s concourse level and handicap platforms are available on the floor level for most events.



At the end of each event, all rooms are locked to secure items inside the Heartland Event Center.  Keys for the facility are maintained solely by authorized personnel of the Heartland Events Center.  Keys will not be issued to facility lessee(s). The Heartland Events Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.




Rules and Regulations

In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone who utilizes the Heartland Events Center, please take note of the following rules, policies and guidelines:

No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the Heartland Events Center at any time. Alcoholic beverages will be sold at concessions during most events. This applies to alcohol purchased on the Fonner Park side of the business, as well, due to the Heartland Events Center operating under a separate liquor license. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the parking lot.

With the exception of service animals and animals that are a part of an exhibit or show, animals or pets are not permitted in the Heartland Events Center and Fonner Park facilities. Please do not leave animals unattended in or tied to your vehicle. For their safety, animals may be removed from the premises by animal control officers and impounded.

The Heartland Events Center is equipped with an  ATM serviced by Home Federal Bank.  The ATM is located in the main lobby of the Heartland Events Center.

Audio & Video Devices:
As a general rule, audio and video devices of any kind are not permitted inside the Heartland Events Center for any concerts. If a guest brings an audio or video device to an event, the guest will be asked to return that item to his or her vehicle or it will be disposed of properly. Audio and video devices for other events are subject to change on an event-by-event basis.

Body/Bag Searches:
The Heartland Events Center security reserves the right to body and/or bag searches, pat downs, and metal detection wanding as determined appropriate on an event-by-event basis.
Please allow yourself ample time when you attend an event or show.

Food & Beverage:
The Heartland Events Center has exclusivity over all food and beverages served and consumed throughout the facility. The tenant, exhibitors, or their representatives may not sell food or beverage items at any time without the permission of event center management. Patrons may not bring food and beverages onto the premises of the Heartland Events Center at any time. The Heartland Events Center reserves the right to utilize reasonable available space for the sale of concession items on the floor of the facility. All food, beverage, and concessions are operated and controlled by the in-house catering and concessionaire(s). The in-house concessionaire service will determine the number of stands required to properly serve the public. All arrangements for serving food and beverages, and sale of concessions should be made through the Heartland Events Center.

Guest Conduct Rules:
The Heartland Events Center strives to provide its guests with a safe, comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. The Events Center has established the following guidelines:

  • Guests interfering with other guests’ ability to enjoy the events may be subjected to removal.
  • Guests using foul or abusive language or inappropriate or unacceptable gestures may be removed from the Events Center.
  • Guests appearing impaired may be removed from the Events Center and may be turned over to the authorities. The house reserves the right to discontinue selling alcohol to a patron that exhibits impaired behaviors.

Guidelines for Exhibiting Motorized Vehicles:

  • There shall be no refueling of vehicles inside the building.
  • There shall be an adequate amount of fire extinguishers in and around the area where the vehicle is on display.
  • Vehicle keys must at all times be readily available to Heartland Events Center management, however keys should not be left in the vehicle(s).
  • A vehicle with any type of leak will not be permitted to be displayed. The Events Center reserves the right to request a plastic barrier to be placed under vehicles.
  • Batteries should be disconnected at all times while in the building except for move-in and move-out.
  • There shall not be any storage of flammable fuel in the building except for that which is in the vehicle.
  • There shall be no repair work done on vehicles while inside the building.
  • Fuel tank doors should be locked or fuel caps taped shut.
  • Vehicles may not be started except for move-in and move-out.
  • Cleaning of vehicles is the responsibility of the vehicle owner and must follow Heartland Events Center policies.

Items Not Permitted in the Building:
Aerosol cans
Air horns
Animals (except certified service dogs)
Beach balls and other inflatable devices
Bota bags or wine skins
Bullhorns or noise makers
Fireworks, firearms, or other weapons
Framed backpacks
Glass bottles or aluminum cans
Ice chests (coolers) or thermos containers
Illegal drugs
Laser pointers
Outside food or beverage (including alcohol)
Selfie sticks
Skateboard or roller blades
Sticks or clubs (including signs attached to sticks)
Stools or folding chairs
Video cameras or recording devices (may vary by event)
Water bottles or mugs

Event staff personnel reserve the right to reject items coming into the facility that do not appear on the list above. Patrons with prohibited articles will be turned away at the entrances. No storage or “check area” is provided for such items. Enforcement will be without exceptions.

Distribution of any printed materials or selling of any items is prohibited on the Fonner Park grounds, including the parking lots, walkways, and inside the Heartland Events Center unless permission from Heartland Events Center management has been granted.

Lost & Found:
Lost and found items are located in the Fonner Park / Heartland Events Center General Office. Please call 308-382-4515 for more information on claiming lost and found items.

Re-Entry Policy:
Guests are not allowed to exit the building and return during the course of a single ticketed event in the Heartland Events Center. Specific events may allow an exception to the policy and allow guests to exit and re-enter the facility.  In this type of situation, guests will be required to obtain a hand stamp prior to exiting the facility.

Re-Selling of Tickets:
Re-selling of tickets by private parties is prohibited on the Heartland Events Center property.

Selling of Illegal Merchandise:
Selling of illegal merchandise (merchandise not sold under the approval of Heartland Events Center management) is prohibited on the Heartland Events Center property as well as by law.

Fonner Park and the Heartland Events Center are smoke-free facilities.  Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is not permitted inside the Fonner Park facilities or the Heartland Events Center or within 20 feet of the facilities.  Any person who refuses to comply with the policy shall be subject to ejection from the facilities. Designated outdoor smoking areas are available.

Event Personnel:
a) All event personnel, such as show and services contractor staff, exhibitor appointed contractors, temporary help, exhibitors, and other workers affiliated with an event held within the Facility, must enter and exit by way of the security entrance or by way of the Heartland Events Center designated "show entrance".

b) All event personnel working in the Facility must display Heartland Events Center- approved identifying credentials or badge when applicable.

c) Restricted areas of the Facility labeled "Authorized Personnel Only" are restricted to all persons except those authorized by Heartland Events Center.

d) Show managers and service contractors are responsible for the conduct of their personnel, exhibitors and subcontractors, and for any damages caused by such personnel while in the Facility. Loud or profane language and disorderly conduct is not permitted at any time. Heartland Events Center reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove individuals who create a nuisance or violate established policies or procedures.

Fire and Safety Regulations:

a) Floor plans may be required to be submitted to the Grand Island Fire Inspector for review in accordance with the date set forth in this agreement. Lessee will have them approved by the City of Grand Island Fire Inspections Department, if applicable.

b) All floor plans/facility description must clearly indicate a minimum of two (2) freight-free aisles, one running North to South and one running East to West. Freight-free aisles in exhibit hall(s) must be clearly designated.

c) All floor plans must have the following information clearly indicated:

  • Name and date(s) of event
  • Name of area(s) to be used
  • Location of all exits
  • Aisle widths with number and dimensions of booths
  • Areas that will be carpeted
  • Location and dimensions of entrance headers or kiosks
  • Registration location and set-up

d) Guidelines for acceptable floor plans are as follows:

  • Aisles must be a minimum of ten (10) feet in width
  • All fire hoses and extinguisher cabinets must be visible at all times
  • All electrical panels must be accessible at all times
  • All permanent concession stand areas in the exhibit halls must have a minimum 30'x25' clearance at all times
  • All points of ingress and egress must have a minimum of twenty (20) feet clear space on all sides
  • Heartland Events Center reserves the right to deny natural gas connection to booths or displays that are deemed unsafe

e) No portion of the sidewalks, entries, passageways, doors, aisles, elevators, vestibules, or ways of access to the public utilities of the Facility will be permitted to be obstructed or used for any purpose other than ingress and egress, nor will any windows, ventilators, or lighting fixtures be obstructed.

f) The use of public areas (lobbies, hallways, etc.) for event activities or displays must be approved by the Heartland Events Center. If approved, floor plans of those areas must be submitted for review in accordance with the date set forth in the License Agreement.

g) Heartland Events Center personnel will review the proposed plan for general conformance to the License Agreement and Heartland Events Center Rules and Regulations. Licensee will provide any additional planning information Heartland Events Center requests for its review of plans. Heartland Events Center may be required to make changes in Licensee's proposed plans to attain the safe and orderly operation of the Facility, compliance with the License Agreement and Heartland Events Center Rules and Regulations, and coordination of the use of common areas by Licensee and other users. The Licensee may not make material changes to its proposed plans submitted to Heartland Events Center without Heartland Events Center's prior written consent. The Licensee shall conduct its event in the Facility in substantial compliance with the plans approved by Heartland Events Center.

Freight or Shipment of Materials:

a) Heartland Events Center may accept freight shipments prior to the Licensed Agreement move-in/setup date(s). Must be pre-approved in writing by Heartland Events Center contact. If any non-approved freight arrives at the Heartland Events Center prior to the show move-in day, the shipment may be refused and the shipper will incur all delivery fees at their standard charge rates. Contact information for package(s) must be clearly labeled on the exterior of the package(s) as follows:

Heartland Events Center

Name of Event

Phone Number

C/o Name of Event Planner


700 E Stolley Park Rd.

Grand Island, 68801

If this information is not clearly visible, the package(s) may be refused rather than transferred, even if the package(s) has arrived within the dates of the License Agreement.

b) To avoid potential shipment refusal, prior arrangements are to be made with a service contractor or drayage company to handle freight requirements. Any freight arriving at Heartland Events Center on the show move-in day without a service contractor will be handled by Heartland Events Center staff.

c) All materials, equipment or freight, sent to the Facility during contracted move-in must be clearly marked to indicate the intended receiver and the name of the event.

d) Registration materials, handout literature, or event-related equipment such as furniture rental, plants, special decorations, etc., should be directed to the attention of the show manager or Heartland Events Center Event Planner.

e) Heartland Events Center will not accept C.O. D. deliveries.

f) All materials, equipment, and/or freight are to be delivered and removed at the loading dock or event-related entrance and designated by Heartland Events Center. 


Heartland Events Center prohibits its employees from accepting gifts, gratuities, or other favors from parties doing business with Heartland Events Center. The Licensee and its exhibitors should be aware of this rule and refrain from any such activity.

Hazardous Material

a) Before, during and after the Licensee's event, the Licensee and its exhibitors must handle, transport, remove, and dispose of all hazardous materials (including, but not limited to, open flames, gasoline, hazardous waste, medical waste, hazardous, toxic, and/or regulated substances) in a safe, proper, and lawful manner.

b) The Licensee must notify Heartland Events Center at least 90 days prior to the first day of the License Period if the Licensee, one of its exhibitors, or one of its service contractors intends to bring hazardous materials in, on, or about the Facility during the License Period. The Licensee must also provide to Heartland Events Center a copy of the applicable Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for such hazardous material. Heartland Events Center may also require the Licensee to implement a plan for handling any releases or threats of release of such hazardous material in, on, under, or about the Facility.

c) Heartland Events Center and the City of Grand Island Fire Inspections Office must approve the use of any hazardous materials. Examples of these include welding materials, saws (wet and dry), lasers, cooking grease, natural gas, combustible materials such as hay bales, and all heat sources used for cooking and heater demonstrations. Liquid propane is not allowed in the building. The use of butane must be approved in advance by Heartland Events Center. Appropriate safety shields and/or other protection must be utilized in all cases where sparks, splashes, etc. could cause injury to bystanders. Material-specific fire extinguishers must be present for all hazardous materials.

d) Exhibits with an open flame are not allowed.

e) It shall be the responsibility of the licensee to meet with the Heartland Events Center Event Coordinator at a minimum of thirty days (30) prior to the move-in of the event to establish these requirements. The intent of this matter is to strategically locate the higher hazard items in a part of the building that in the event of a fire, fire suppression forces would have easy access to this equipment. This meeting will also identify any necessary permits associated with the use/presence of the hazardous materials to ensure compliance with the City of Grand Island Fire Inspections Office.

f) Sites with hazardous materials are subject to inspection by the Grand Island Fire Marshal prior to the show opening. Passing inspection is required for the show to open. Any items failing inspection will need to be adjusted to obtain Grand Island Fire Marshal approval or be removed from the premises before the show will be allowed to open.

In applicable cases, the non-passing item(s) may be allowed to remain on the show floor, but shut off during the open show hours. Arrangements to make adjustments during non-show hours to achieve Grand Island Fire Marshal approval or remove the item from the premises must be made with the Heartland Events Center Event Coordinator.

g) All required permits and related fees are the responsibility of the Licensee to obtain by working with their Heartland Events Center Coordinator.

Keys and Lock changes

a) Requests for keys are rarely permitted. Requests should be made through the Event Coordinator. If applicable, all keys must be returned on the final day of the event/move-out.

b) The number of keys issued is at the sole discretion of Heartland Events Center.

c) Under no circumstances are keys to be duplicated.

d) A fee will be charged for unreturned keys.

Loading Docks

Loading dock bays or areas will be allocated according to event needs. Heartland Events Center personnel assigned to your event will determine assigned space.


No pyrotechnics shall be used unless a proper permit is obtained from the Grand Island Fire Department, and written authorization from Heartland Events Center management is obtained. All required permits and related fees are the responsibility of the Licensee to obtain by working with their Heartland Events Center Event Coordinator. The Licensee may incur an additional cleaning charge.

Special Decorations, Signs and Themed Materials

a) The location and method of installation of any special decorations or signs must be approved by Heartland Events Center prior to installation.

b) Under no circumstances are helium balloons or adhesive-backed decals to be given away or permitted to be used in the Facility.

c) Tabletop Decor- All candles must be enclosed in a non-combustible, leak-proof container that does not transfer heat. The container must be 3" above the flame.


e) Hay bales or other similar combustible decor must be sprayed with fire retardant and inspected by the Fire Marshall prior to the building opening to the public.

f) The use of glitter is prohibited in the Facility. The use of confetti or streamers must be approved in advance by Heartland Events Center. If approved, Licensee will be charged for cleaning directly resulting from the use of such decorations.

g) Cotton candy, snow cones, and cheese/chocolate fountain machine use must be pre-approved by Heartland Events Center (Also see Concessions, Catering, and Merchandise).

h) Game themed activities may require precautionary measures to protect the Facility and its patrons.

i) Banners or signage may not be attached, adhered or displayed by other methods to the exterior of the Facility or anywhere on Heartland Events Center grounds (including parking lot fencing, light poles, etc.) without prior approval from Heartland Events Center management.

j) Interior banners and signage must have Heartland Events Center management approval 30 days prior to the first contracted move-in day of the event.

  • Banners and signage that require attachment to "I-beams" or other structural areas of the facility and/or signage requiring use of a lift must be hung by Heartland Events Center staff. Depending on the type of signage, Heartland Events Center may defer to our exclusive rigging services provider.
  • The Licensee will be invoiced for materials, equipment, and labor.

k) All special decorations or signs left in the Facility at the conclusion of an event will be considered refuse. All special decorations or signs that the Licensee wants to save must be removed at the conclusion of the event.

l) Any costs incurred by Heartland Events Center because of the use or removal of these items, will be charged to the Licensee.

m) All moveable walls in the Facility will be installed and removed by Heartland Events Center Personnel.

n) Heartland Events Center will operate all the marquees. Heartland Events Center will have final approval of all marquee messages. Any expenses incurred will be invoiced to the Licensee.

Tape / Adhesive-Backed Material

a) Tape and adhesive-backed materials are not allowed on the Facility's carpeted surfaces without prior approval by Heartland Events Center.

b) Use of tape on any wall surface, glass, carpet, or equipment is prohibited (including but not limited to podiums, staging, tables, and chairs).

c) If Heartland Events Center approval is obtained, the Licensee and Licensee's service contractor(s) are responsible for the removal of all tape and tape residue from any surface area, including but not limited to the exhibit hall floor, wall surfaces, glass and service equipment. If the Licensee fails to remove tape and tape residue, the Licensee shall reimburse Heartland Events Center for the costs incurred to remove such tape or residue. If the residue is unable to be removed, Licensee shall reimburse Heartland Events Center for any replacement costs of the damaged property.

Parking Lot Guidelines

  • Parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis in designated lots.
  • Tailgating is not permitted in all Fonner Park controlled parking lots.
  • Holding or saving parking spaces is not permitted.
  • Drive lanes in the parking lots must be kept clear at all times.
  • ADA parking is available in all Fonner Park controlled parking lots.
  • Staking of tents is NOT permitted in the parking lots or lawn areas of the parking lots. Tents may be anchored with weights.
  • Consumption of alcohol or open containers of alcohol is prohibited.
  • Commercial advertising banners or signs are prohibited.
  • Distribution of promotional items or other forms of solicitation is not permitted.
  • Any equipment (chairs, tents, etc.) left overnight will be disposed of.
  • All cooking equipment must be situated away from crowds, buildings, or combustible material. A minimum clearance distance of 3 feet from cooking equipment is required. No grills are to be left unattended at any time.
  • Personal golf carts, segways, skateboards, scooters, hover boards, and drones are not allowed in Fonner Park controlled parking lots (unless pre-approved by Fonner Park management).
  • Heartland Events Center reserves the right to revoke any parking of those who do not comply with any parking guidelines.